Learn How to Start a Business on Your Own

We help people like you to disrupt their industry through starting, growing and managing their own business.

In which phase are you?

01. Starting my Own Business

Starting a business on your own can be difficult. Benefit from our experience and do the right things right from the beginning on.

Business Idea

Are you also one of those who would like to start their own startup, but simply have no idea what to start with? Fabian shows you his strategies on how to get good business ideas right away and start your business today.

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Business Plan

Especially in the beginning, it is difficult for many people to write a really good business plan. Whether for yourself or potential investors – a business plan is always part of it! Use our business plan template with a step-by-step guide to successfully put your idea on paper.

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Elevator Pitch

Once you have a good business idea, you must learn to present and sell it. Whether you are dealing with potential investors or yourself, an elevator pitch is fundamental to your startup! Here you will learn how to write and prepare an Elevator Pitch.

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Are you looking for ways to finance your startup? Would you like to get an overview of the possibilities of financing your startup? Then download Fabian’s free eBook on Startup Financing now to set up a plan for your financing today!

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02. Growing my Business

Many companies never get beyond a certain size. Use our right vehicles and strategies to scale your business up.


Marketing and sales are among the most important prerequisites to make your business grow. Learn fresh, new marketing tactics your competition doesn´t know about.

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You want the customers to come to you how automatically? Then you need a strong brand. Get to know the secret of strong brands and use our strategies to become one yourself.

Social Media

Social media is nowadays a mass concept. But only a few know which wheels really have to play together to develop a successful social media strategy.

Scaling my business

Scaling is an art that many companies fail to master. Either they scale too fast or they never make it to a certain size. Learn to set the right processes in motion at the right speed to successfully scale your business up.

03. Managing my Business

At a certain point, you transform from self-employed to entrepreneur. It is at this point that most people fail because they lack the necessary management skills and techniques. Learn to manage your business efficiently with our methods.


Deciding on the right team composition is one of the most important tasks of a manager. We help you to make these decisions in the best way possible.


What exactly are my tasks and which tasks should I delegate better? Many managers find this difficult. We help you to maintain clarity in this process.

Personal growing and development

What is the difference between a top manager and an average manager? The average manager stops growing at a certain point in his career. Do not belong to the average!


About Fabian

Fabian Beining is a strategic thinker with a creative mind.

He currently works as the founder of several online projects in Berlin and regularly attends conferences and meetings in these areas. He focuses on project management, e-commerce, digital and social media as well as tech & crypto-based companies. 

Why Fabian

Many consultants and coaches today focus on a specific area. Be it online marketing, target groups or your product. So instead of fishing you from coaching to coaching, our goal is to give you an all-inclusive package of know-how for a successful start as an entrepreneur and to teach you how to start a startup step by step. Because especially at the beginning it is incredibly difficult to concentrate on the essential tasks and to complete them as efficiently and productively as possible. Let’s go this way together!

What makes Fabian different?

I Don’t Just Blog About Startup

I didn’t just start making money by talking about making money.

As early as 2011, I started my first company in blockchain technology.

After successfully completing my studies in Management and Entrepreneurship in 2017, I built up further projects.

I run my own agency in Berlin, Germany and grow with my companies every year.

I'm betting on hard work and diligence

Anyone who believes that the mere consumption of knowledge would change their life or anyone who believes that they can find “fast rich methods” is definitely wrong here.

Building your own business requires a lot of hard diligence and hours of hard work.

In return, I can show you the right steps to take to build up a long-term business model, that can support you, retire you, and enable to live the life that you desire, so that you don’t lose unnecessary time and money and in the end can never live your dream of owning your own business.

Honesty & Transparency is my #1 Value

Nowadays there are a lot of “gurus” and “experts” online. Maybe you have already bought one or the other course and were disappointed afterward. It happened to me very often.

That’s why it’s good if you have a skeptical attitude towards online courses.

I, therefore, rely on honesty and transparency. This means that I only pass on the knowledge that I really use in practice. This means that my experience is constantly changing because every day I learn new things and try out new ideas.

Sometimes mistakes or failures also happen to me. I am not error-free and will never claim to be so. This is part of my job and part of my success. It is only important for me to keep you constantly up to date and to communicate openly and honestly with you so that you always know exactly what you are getting into.

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