How to write a business plan

Benefit from a free business plan template and many guidelines on how to write a business plan to get your business plan off the ground.

Step 2

02. Business Plan

Many founders find it difficult to write a business plan. But it is fundamental for the success of your company to deal with it.

Studies show again and again that the success rate is much higher with entrepreneurs with a business plan than with those who have not written a business plan. But how exactly do I write a good business plan with which I can convince investors and interested parties?

This was exactly the question I was faced with a few years ago when I started my first startup in the payment sector. Especially at a young age, it is difficult to convince investors of one’s own abilities.

A sophisticated business plan is, therefore, one of the basic prerequisites for being able to start at all. But even if you don’t need investors because you want to start with your own money, I still recommend writing a business plan for yourself. This will give you a better overview and solve many problems that would otherwise have arisen much later. For example, how to finance your business should be a major part of your plan.

Here you will find a free business plan template and detailed instructions on how best to write your business plan.
I wish you all the best with writing it!


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