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The world is changing very fast. The banking system is weakening, most states are heavily indebted. More and more people are therefore looking for ways to take care of their own investments and money instead of trusting that everything will be all right.
The huge hypes we saw in the crypto markets in 2017 confirm this. But what is actually behind all this? What exactly is Bitcoin, Etherium etc? On what idea are these things based and how does the blockchain system work?
After having pushed the topic #crypto away for a long time as a rather classic buy-and-hold investor, I have gotten really deep into the topic over the last months and learned a lot about the world of #cryptos. Little by little I realized that there is much more to this idea than just trading crypto currencies in the markets. So if you want to learn more about #Crypto, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn more and join the #crypto revolution!  

What areas does #crypto cover?


Which ones are worth looking into? How can you invest in them? What are the differences between them?


What does Blockchain do? What possibilities does this technology open up? Which areas of the future can be revolutionized with it?


How does it work both for currencies and also assets? What does that mean for us? What can these systems do, what not?


Where is which innovation already being used? Which companies already use the blockchain?

Latest News about #crypto

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Crashkurs Kryptowährungen

Ein Crashkurs zum Thema Kryptowährungen Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin und Ethereum gelten als die Zukunft des digitalen Zahlungsverkehrs. Die zugrundeliegende Blockchain-Technologie gilt manchen sogar als Wegbereiter für die Demokratie 2.0, mit[…]

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Wie funktioniert die Blockchain-Technologie?

Was ist die Blockchain-Technologie? Als die Kryptowährung und damit auch die Blockchain-Technologie Bitcoin 2009 vom gleichnamigen Unternehmen erstmals eingeführt wurde, interessierte sich dafür bloß eine Handvoll Tech-Nerds und Systemgegner. Die[…]

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Wie du produktiver werden kannst, indem du dich auf das Wesentliche fokussierst

Wie du produktiver werden kannst, indem du dich nur noch auf das Wesentliche fokussierst. Wir alle tun, konsumieren und produzieren mehr als jemals zuvor. Tag für Tag werden wir mit[…]

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