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We help you digitize your business

You don’t want to spend money on expensive agencies that have full control and remain independent in your decisions?


Digitisation has only just begun!

We believe that in today’s business world, digital marketing and a solid online presence are critical to success. All entrepreneurs and small businesses, regardless of their business experience, should be able to manage their online presence, marketing and sales process.
This is where online marketing agencies often promise a lot and deliver little. Not to mention the many thousands of euros that so many entrepreneurs are throwing into the sand.

That’s why Fabian has developed the most comprehensive and easy to implement online training platform. The goal is to make you independent of external factors by learning the most important skills of online marketing from years of practical experience. We take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how you can digitize your business. Your biggest advantages are there:

The 3 biggest advantages of “doing it yourself”

Save money + no fixed costs

Instead of paying several thousand euros to an agency, which in most cases introduces a permanent monthly fee, you pay us only once for the training.

More time

At first glance, outsourcing may save time. But the constant checking, giving feedback and correcting eats up more time in the end than if you had done it yourself right from the start.

Control + Independence

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Why is digitalization so important?

1) Attention

We are at the beginning of a tremendous change. As a result of globalization, we are no longer only competing with regional competitors, but sharing the market with international competitors. The currency we have today is: attention.

We no longer live in a world where it is difficult to obtain information, but the exact opposite is the case. As we are confronted with too much information every day, we as a company have to fight for the attention of our potential customers. This transformation ranges from a simple kebab stand to a large corporation.


Why is digitalization so important?

2) Jobs in danger

I’m not a friend of scaring people. But the fact is that millions of jobs will change in the next few years. Instead of letting the employee work for himself, the employee will have to learn to use artificial intelligence. In this process there will be winners and losers.

And that will be the people who will profit from accepting digitisation and learn to deal with it and lose the people who moan all day instead of adapting to the new circumstances and learning. Since digitalisation has not yet been taught in our training centres, this is where we come in.


Why is digitalization so important?

3) Opportunities & Possibilities

Of course, digitization also has immense advantages. Instead of acquiring each individual customer ourselves, we can now automate the entire customer acquisition process. Instead of calling each customer individually, we can now automate the entire customer care area. The entire sales structure can also be largely outsourced to technology today.

Not to mention the entire accounting department. All these automations have two extreme advantages. On the one hand, you will have much more time for your core business. So instead of working all the time in the company, you can work much better on the company. On the other hand, you can grow much faster by making your business model scalable and plannable based on figures. You know exactly how much a customer costs you, how much money he earns on average and can thus optimize your business much better.


The 3 biggest advantages of digitization

Create your own online empire!

The title sounds too lurid to you? I would have thought the same until a few years ago. But now I know that it’s possible.
You can, especially as a small or medium-sized company, profit extremely from digitization. How do I know that? On the one hand, because I was also faced with this step to convert my ideas and projects from offline to online and on the other hand, because I have accompanied dozens of start-ups and companies to digitize their business model.

Make fact-based decisions

Whenever we want to optimize our business as self-employed persons or entrepreneurs, we are usually faced with big questions. We do have ideas and conceptions about the next steps to take, but these are always our own ideas and conceptions, which can be completely detached from reality.
In order for us to be able to turn only the most effective adjusting screws from now on, we need systems that track and trace all data. Thanks to number-based business decisions, we only invest our time where we know that our business is good.

Build long-term customer relationships

Learn how you can still build a long-term customer relationship despite automation. This has two big advantages:
First, thanks to digitization, we can automate customer acquisition and communication, which saves us a lot of time. On the other hand, we are able to contact our customer base again and again with special tools and thus achieve a much higher custom lifetime value, since our customers are not lost and we can always sell new products and services to our customers.