Who are my followers?

My followers and customers come from different countries with different backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common: they all understand that they are responsible for their own lives. That’s why I enjoy working with people who are eager to learn and who want to get involved in new contexts and changes. People who always have something to complain about, always live in the past, believe that they can get rich without work and people who always question everything and in the end never get anything done, don’t fit in here and to me. You are exactly right here, if…

You are ambitious and want to achieve more

You’re willing to work hard on yourself and your goals.

you really want to change your life positively and sustainably


In the following I present my 3 platforms to you. We have focused on a total of three areas. First, with CryptoPlanet we show the background behind crypto currencies and blockchain technology by investigating which technologies can really revolutionize our world. On the other hand, with Investment-Mastery we teach people how they can build their wealth through smart and clever investments and how they can protect themselves against inflation and poverty in old age. Finally, with Starting a Business Factory, we have developed a program that helps people around the world turn their dream of owning their own business into reality.

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Learn how the world of crypto currencies works, which technologies are behind which crypto currency and which technology has the potential to change our future. Read more…

#Startup #Business #Entrepreneurship

Starting a Business Factory

You want to start a successful company? Great! Learn from other founders which steps you should take and how to turn your idea into a profitable business. Read more…

#Investment #money #Wealth

Investment Education Worldwide

Learn how to build up your wealth step by step through clever long-term investments. Attend Waiting List

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Crashkurs Kryptowährungen

Ein Crashkurs zum Thema Kryptowährungen Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin und Ethereum gelten als die Zukunft des digitalen Zahlungsverkehrs. Die zugrundeliegende Blockchain-Technologie gilt manchen sogar als Wegbereiter für die Demokratie 2.0, mit wirklich dezentralen...

Wie funktioniert die Blockchain-Technologie?

Was ist die Blockchain-Technologie? Als die Kryptowährung und damit auch die Blockchain-Technologie Bitcoin 2009 vom gleichnamigen Unternehmen erstmals eingeführt wurde, interessierte sich dafür bloß eine Handvoll Tech-Nerds und Systemgegner. Die meisten Menschen...

What I learned from Stephen Covey

Do you wish you were more effective in life? Maybe you’d like to achieve more at work? Or perhaps you’d like to be a more loving and devoted partner? Whatever it is that you want to improve, you’ll only get there if you change yourself first. And the surest way to...

What I learned from Robert Kiyosaki

Fear of society´s disapproval prevents us from leaving the "rat race" and growing wealthy Most of us know what the phrase rat race refers to, but if asked, how would we define it?One definition is “The endless routine of working for everyone but yourself.” This means...

What is biohacking and how you can use it for your success

What´s in it for me? Learn the secrets of biohacking There’s a reason self-improvement books often take their cues from science. If you want to improve yourself, you first have to understand what makes your body and mind tick – your physical and mental operating...

A short History of Brexit

What´s in it for me? A Brexit crash course In contemporary Britain, there’s nothing that divides the country quite like Brexit. Families are splintered, regions conflicted and political parties in all-out civil war. Finding out how we arrived at such a Disunited...

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